Recicleaza si salveaza

Pe la 10 ani invatam cate ceva despre reciclat, refolosit si reducerea deseurilor care ajung la groapa de gunoi. Am inceput inca de pe atunci sa incerc sa refolosesc inainte sa arunc, sa reduc produsele folosite si sa reciclez lucruri. Inca mai am un pulover de pe atunci. Da, unele obiecte de imbracaminte dureaza mai bine de 25 de ani sau cel putin asa obisnuiau. Si asta e frumusetea in viata. Unele obiecte vestimentare aduc multe amintiri.

Nu spun sa ne supraincarcam dulapurile de lucruri. Dar nu iubeati sa incercati hainele mamei sau tatalui? Sentimentul acela de mostenire. Cat despre reciclare, ma lupt sa reciclez inca de atunci. Am educat-o pe bunica si i-am educat si pe parinti sa faca asta. Am carat cu masina mea mica saci de sticle goale la centrul de reciclare. La fel cu hartie, sticla, haine sau metal. Acum incerc sa gasesc o cale sa reduc deseurile si sa fac compost. Locuiesc inca la bloc si nu stiu inca ce as putea sa fac in aceasta privinta. Dar ma documentez.

Este foarte important sa ne educam copiii încă de la varste fragede in aceasta direcție.

Fiul meu stie ca exista doua cosuri de gunoi: pentru reciclat si pentru gunoi.

Si o sticla de ulei folosit. Incerc sa folosesc cat mai putin ulei. Folosesc unt oriune se poate. Si gatitul este mult mai bun cu unt. Copiii trebuie sa inteleaga conceptele de baza ale celor 3R-uri intrucat ei vor prelua planeta asta si vor trai cu consecintele proastelor noastre practici.

Am redus si cantitatea de lucruri inutile pe care le cumpar si nu imi e teama sa ii explic si lui despre asta.

Gaseste ca totul este foarte amuzant intrucat cosul de gunoi este langa plante si incerc sa ii explic frumusetea vietii langa ce o poate ucide. Asa ca alege plantele frumoase care inseamna viata.

Recycle and Save

When I was ten I have learned a little bit about recycling, reusing and reducing the quantity of garbage we use and put into landfills. I have started since then to try to reuse, reduce and recycle things. I still have a nice sweater since those days. Yes, some clothing objects last more than 25 years or at least they used to. And that is the beauty of life. Some clothing objects carry a lot of memories. I am not saying to keep your closet full of stuff. But didn’t you love to try your mom or your dad’s clothes? I remember I did. I used to do the same with my grandma’s also and it was so beautiful to have the feeling of legacy. As for recycling I am struggling to recycle since that age. I have taught my grandmother and my parents to recycle. I have carried with my small car big bags of empty bottles to the recycle center. Same goes for paper, glass, clothes or metal. Now I am trying to find a way to reduce waste and make compost. I still live in a block of flats and have very little knowledge about how to make this work. But I am reading into it. It is very important to teach our kids from very low age about this. My son knows there is a recycle bin which holds plastic, glass, metals and paper. We also have a place for batteries and electric devices to be recycled. And a bottle of used oil. I try to use as little as possible. I use butter whenever it’s not necessary to use oil. And cooking is so much better. Babies need to learn the basics of the 3R’s as they will be taking over this planet and live with the consequences of our bad practice. I reduce the amount of useless stuff I buy and I am not afraid to explain to him why. He finds it all very fun as the recycle bin is next to the plants and I am trying to show him the beauty of life next to what kills it. So he chooses beautiful plants which mean life. 

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