In Ianuarie 2020 am inceput ceva

Ianuarie este luna mea. M-am nascut in ianuarie si tot in aceasta luna imi iau mereu rezolutiile. Este si luna in care am conceput copilul. Si de fapt mai toate deciziile majore le-am luat in aceasta luna, ani diferiti totusi. In ianuarie 2020 am inceput ceva. Ianuarie este inceputul de an si fiecare zi conteaza la orice nou inceput. Imi place sa cred ca acum decidem si acum avem toata energia sa facem lucruri sa se intample si totusi sa ne lasam timp sa cantarim decizii. Asa a prins viata ideea acestui site. A fost o idee dublata de opiniile mele si am gasit ca aceasta forma ma ajuta sa imi exprim parerile cel mai rapid si usor. Am asteptat pur si simplu sa implinesc 38 de ani si sa imi exersez scrisul. Au trecut mai bine de 20 de ani de cand mi se tot spune sa ma apuc sa scriu serios.


aboutDe cand sunt mama am invatat atat de multe si in asa timp scurt incat trebuie sa impart din experientele mele. Acum sigur ca sunt doar pareri si impresii din perspectiva mea, dar cred ca pot ajuta si alte mame sau viitoare mame sa isi pastreze echilibrul mental in haosul care se instaureaza dupa aparitia unui copil.

Asa ca in Ianuarie 2020 am inceput ceva si se cheama MAMA.SRL pentru ca a fi mama este un serviciu cu norma intreaga. Si oricate sfaturi vei primi sau citi, uneori nimic nu iti da raspunsuri dilemelor si intrebarilor tale. Sunt doar pareri personale din diverse experiente de mama.


January 2020 is my month to start something

January is my month. This is the month I was born and also when I make my resolutions. This is also the month my son was conceived. And all the big decisions are made during this month, in different years though. It’s the beginning of the year and every day counts for any new start. I love to think this is when we decide and when we have all the energy to make stuff happen and still take time to sleep upon future decisions. This is how this idea came to life.

It was an idea doubled by my opinion and we found this helps me express my thoughts fastest and easiest. I simply had to turn 38 years old and exercise my writing skills. It’s been over 20 years since people have been telling me to start writing stories.Becoming a mother taught so much in such a short time so I have to share my thoughts. Of course they are just opinions and self impressions, but I believe I can also help moms or future moms keep their balance in the chaos which starts once the kid arrives.

The website is called MAMA.SRL because being a mother is a full time job. And no matter how many advices you receive or read, sometimes nothing gives you answers to your dilemmas and questions. They are just personal opinions from various life experiences since being a mom.

This is what’s crossing my mind!

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