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Take away and life on the go are my life’s obsession. I believe life is never steady and we need to carry along things. As a mother I need to be practical at all times. So I am trying to reduce and declutter as I know going away with a baby is sometimes extremely difficult with big bags. Still, here is a list of objects I use on rotation as I need to be prepared for his needs at all times. I am reusing bottles of water, food containers and bags to carry them. I am a big fan of practical bags rather than the usual woman’s bags or baby backpacks. I guess one day I should set up a goal of climbing mountains and having a strong back ready. I am training for that in a subtle way. The whole concept is derived from my wish to be a better person for the planet. I wish my shadow to be a simple natural one and not covering a lot of dirt and useless waste. It’s complicated given the packaging and the whole concept of buying and using stuff. Still, for years I have tried to pack up as good as possible the daily food slow cooked at home and the drinking liquids the same. It’s all part of stay healthy, sane and hydrated all the time. In order to share my choice I have made this list of brands and objects to best describe the sustainable take away life:

Over 10 years ago I have discovered the Takeya take away glass bottle. Back then it was a small brand with a bottle with patent still pending. These days it’s an international brand which went from glass to stainless steel bottles. I still love my heavy glass bottle and it has just the right size for a mom on the go. The hanging clip is very helpful as I need to have my hands free at all times. Actually all my stuff needs to have clips as I am a mom on the go and I need free hands. Also, all my bottles are better to be reusable as I need to save the planet for my son. 

It’s still my favourite water drinking bottle. I have used it for other purposes also such as lemonade or tea. It’s easy to clean and during winter time I can get some hot drink without getting burnt thanks to the silicone cover. It’s ideal for any season. I love it! I love it even more as it’s from a very resistant type of glass. My son loves it just the same. So we have to fight over it. I do hope I will get to keep it for a long time. 

Sistema containers are perfect for soups or salads on the go. It’s very well sealed and you can safely take away soup or liquids with you. You don’t need to worry about spilling in your bag. However I do recommend food to be carried in a special bag as it’s easier to deposit it in a fridge and not to spend minutes looking for the right thing in your bag or backpack.

Stainless steel thermos are for tea or coffee: these are from promotional materials. I have put them in the dish washing machine and the dye on the exterior is going away. The steel is covered in paint and the high temperature in the washing machine destroyed the thin layer. Seems like the interior is way better resistant than the exterior. But I think they are perfect for any life on the go. I used them while I was pregnant, after having my baby and I still use them these days when we go outside, when we need some hot water with us for the milk or when we feel the need for a good coffee.  Also, they came with some cups which are also stainless steel and quite useful. They may be used in case you are going to work on a field and you have company who would like to taste your coffee also. I am a big fan of hot chocolate and tea, so not many people want to share my passion, but I am ready for many challenges. As a mother I guess I am ready for my son to challenge me and tea can be well shared with the little one. Also pouring from the container to the cup can be entertaining for the little one. 

This is a lovely choice in summer for the cold frappe. I get to make it at home and take it away in this bamboo cup. I find it quite practical in summer as you don’t need hot drinks. It’s perfect for the car. You can deposit it easily in the cup compartment. I find it quite handy. Please don’t forget to take it home and wash it off after each use as in summer the smells can get quite cruel and your car may suffer. 

The thermos is good, but not that practical when it comes to actually using it on the go. It’s a bit bigger and you can take even soup in it. Again, as I was mentioning before my idea of sustainability comes from years back, so this is an older model of what they have today in stock. I am not at all enticed to try something new. I love all the objects I have in my home from Ikea. I am also using them quite a lot. It may spill, so you should better use it with some bag to hold it still. Ikea also has the most excellent food bags and this is something I can barely hold myself back from buying latest trends. 

The containers are great as they have a lot of separations. I love some of them for being so well thought of that you can get a salad and a piece of meat, you can have two snacks in one container and so on. Again, my examples are older choices, but do look out for the new design as they’re getting better by the year. 

Miniso Utensils: I have received a set of fork and spoon together with eating chinese sticks. My son has used them for various different reasons. These days they are very handy for life on the go. I keep having my bag ready for him to eat up different things. One of the most handy tool is the fork these days. He loves learning to use it and I encourage him to do so. It’s a difficult task as he wants to use our utensils, but I have to give him the freedom to do stuff his way also. I have never visited the Miniso shop. Maybe it’s about time I do that as I seem to enjoy all the crazy little stuff we find over there. Still, I am not a big fan of their bottles as they are not the right plastic. 

Tupperware: https://www.tupperware.ro/index

Tupperware glass bottle 1,5 litter is my favourite bottle since I have discovered it. It’s perfect for the summer days for two adults going for a walk with the kid or for a whole day on the road. It’s a bit difficult as the little one wants to drink from our bottle, but I do try to encourage him to drink from it without him feeling my help. This type of bottle helps everyone differentiate their bottle from other kids’ bottles in the park. I am not always paying attention to the little one as I don’t want him to be a cry baby, so the bottle of water needs to be different from the rest. I am looking for a small container and I have found the smaller size similar bottle to be quite practical.

Tupperware also has different small take away food containers. They are perfect for my child’s snacks. I am the crazy mom with a lot of containers, but he has gotten used to them and loves eating from them. Actually I need to be creative at all times so he can discover different snacks in different containers. 

I only have one bottle which allows for milk and separate cereals, or yoghurt and fruits. Anyway I can get creative with it. I have it for years and seems like the model is out of stock, but they have brand new shapes and designs which may seem even more attractive. If I didn’t think it’s necessary to be sustainable  in our choices I would clearly pick some more.

This is just a small part of my containers. I chose them throughout the years and used them intensely. I have not had accidents with food in my bags, but I have also tried to prevent such. Why I chose these take away recipients? Because I am trying to get with me the meals for a day so I get bites or sips of all I need to be healthy and happy. Usually I don’t have time in the morning so preparing them from the evening is best. Also, I am a big fan of life on the go. I would love to travel from one place to another to go everyday walking and to be prepared for my kid’s hunger moments. This is why I prefer to be always packed with different take away containers. I get to use them intensely these days. My kid is also a big fan of life and eat on the go. So together we are the wandering take away team. 

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