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Weekend Getaway In Brasov

Brasov is a beautiful city, where I often like to getaway on weekends, when we are all free. We always discover new places there and every visit is full of adventure. How do you spend a weekend in Brasov? Well, I will talk below about some places I like in this city and how I like to spend time there. First of all, Brasov is a city, so besides tourism it also has a normal life. So spending a weekend there means that the locals will also spend time along with tourists. It will seem a bit crowded, if you decide to walk in the city. So it is best to choose a central accommodation, to enjoy the wonderful architecture of the city. Eventually you travel by car and this gives you the freedom to drive to the wild places in the vecinity. For accommodation, I can say that I have tested many hotels and pensions, but I have certainly felt the best in apartments lately. That’s because I find there that familiar feeling we all have at home. Especially if we come with the child and we can take advantage of the privacy of two rooms. Don’t get me wrong! I also love the hotel. I mean, if I go somewhere on vacation, I prefer the hotel. It saves me from the burden of meals in the first place. A good hotel with a restaurant where you can order or where you can go have a sit at a table anytime and wonderful. But for a weekend when we arrive earlier in the day as the child’s lunch and sleep follow, I prefer the apartment. I found here a central apartment with a special design (All Season Studios). Yes, I have this obsession. I don’t care so much about the location, but I care about cleanliness and design equally. A beautifully arranged place gives you a good vibe. Plus the good taste that the child gets is important. I don’t want him to live a student-style yet. We already had enough of such an experience. And again, don’t get me wrong, I had fun staying in the tent and in an old house in the Sighisoara fortress where the bed was set on old milk bottles, but I would like him to see beautiful places as much as possible. Even if it is a rustic design, it is important to see cleanliness and aesthetics. We have enough eclectic style to embrace bad taste, no doubt. In Brasov all the locals go out to dinner: for breakfast, for a coffee, for lunch for a family meal and for dinner for a romantic dinner or simply for relaxation. So there are a lot of ideas for where to eat. But I took into account that on a busy weekend, when you choose to stay in an apartment, and you have the child along also, it’s easier if you just order something. Orders come super fast and you can also call Glovo or Food Panda. I tested through the platforms or by direct order some restaurants that I highly recommend below.

Because I love Greek food, I found at Zorba the Greek delicious anchovies, orange and many fresh dishes.

Tudor House is part of the Sergiana chain, but it is a less touristy place and where I recommend you try everything: beef broth with horseradish, eggplant salad, potato chips, anything that comes to mind. And be sure to ask for the jumari cream that they serve at the table in the restaurant as a welcome appetizer. There is nothing better in the whole wide world!

Then pizza. You clearly have the best pizza option at Pizza Volla. They have the best Quattro Formaggi. Why? Because they put nuts over the cheese combination and because the dough seems to be better left to leaven. Walnuts were the child’s delight, in fact. And then I said that a pizza from which the little one eats what is healthy, is definitely good.

And there is another favorite place called Ciorbarie cu gratar from where I takeawy soups, mici and chicken and where I always appreciated the freshness. I tested the beef soups, soups with meatballs and the rooster borscht. They are all absolutely wonderful!

In the old part of the city there are some less touristy locations like the ones mentioned above that I discovered lately. The neighborhood is called Bartolomeu. There you can find places even for the locals and, as I was mentioning before, they spend quite a lot of time at the restaurant.

If you want to try some good Romanian wine, visit or order from Time 2 Wine. They have wines from Crama Trantu Murfatlar and also Moldavian wines.

Another advantage of choosing an apartment is that if there is food left you can keep it for later or for the next day. Yes, the portions are sometimes very large.

If you still want to go to dinner somewhere, try one of the following places in the old town: Hirscher House, Gaura Dulce, Bistro del’Arte, Keller Steakhouse, Luther Brasserie.

When you spend a weekend in Brasov you have two days that you can enjoy. So you can go for a walk through Nicolae Titulescu Park, Noua Park or on the streets in the old pedestrian area. You can go up Tampa if you wake up in the morning and avoid the crowds, you can go up to Poiana where you can take the first cable car to Postavarul peak or you can go visit the First Romanian School right in the city. I went to this school a few years ago and there I discovered a highly educated priest, so enthusiastic about what he does and how he still teaches children the old slavic language that I found my desire to learn again. I think that such places are rare in our routes and when we find them it is worth investing a little time. A last idea to see is the Transylvania Amphitheater. Personally I did not get a chance to go there, but I have put it on the to do list. But, living in an apartment, I had neighbors who had been hiking with the children there. It’s a huge plateau and I think that the little ones, maybe older than my son, can take all kinds of bike routes, they can go hiking or they can enjoy so lush greenery and the outdoors.

There are many ideas on how to spend a weekend in Brasov, but I tried to summarize everything in a few lines that you can quickly go through on the road you have already started to Brasov.

For additional recommendations regarding the area you can read here about some ideas.

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