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My Cooking Recipes

Two months of quarantine brought along household habits for everyone. The meals seemed like the biggest challenge, so at first I ordered after the resources sent by my parents ran out. I also alligned with the rest of the world during this emergency period due to the circumstances and I started cooking. As the state of emergency kept us all in the house for two months, it was necessary to take measures with more difficult foods, not just preparations. And so I discovered that I can easily cook even meals that I never imagined I could make. I ended up making all kinds of combinations and reducing the portions so that there was no food left for many days. In fact, during this period I threw away very little old food. And the best part is that we even managed to lose weight with the diet at home. Maybe because we had the freedom to take a lunch break when the child eats, maybe because walking with the child helps us make physical effort or maybe simply the lack of stress and agitation in the city. If at first I only cooked for the child, later I faced my fears to do something for my husband as well. And that’s how I came to do something for each of us. Soups were my specialty, but I felt the need to try a soup. I made the decision to change from soup to soup while cooking the meat. And I woke up that I didn’t have borscht in the house, I couldn’t go out to buy, so I was inventive and soured it with lemon. It was the first time we tried this idea and the success was surprising. The child was very excited. The husband admitted that it was a bit sour, but he also ate it. This is how I discovered that the child likes sour. Since then, all the soups have been as sour as possible.

The complete recipe for the soup is reminiscent, because I have a very artistic style and I work without a recipe: I put 2 pieces of turkey meat to boil, I gathered the formed foam and throw it out, then I let it boil for another hour. Then I threw the water and put another water in which I put the meat to continue to boil. I boiled 2 carrots, 2 parsley roots, 1 zucchini, celery. They were all cut into slices. Then I added the cooked vegetables and their juice. In the vegetable stew I put a few cloves of garlic and 1 onion, but I took them out and threw them away after they left their taste in the juice resulting from the stew. I realized that a lot of people would criticize the lack of vegetable cubes. Well, my son loves sliced ​​carrots and parsley root, so I leave the largest slices in the food so he can hold them in his hand and eat them alone. Over this mixture I added the juice from 3 or 4 squeezed lemons. I also put some parsley picked from my balcony garden pot. The child really appreciated the clear soup and the carrot pieces. He eats the meat from the soup separately from the soup. At almost 20 months old, he has a different style of eating soup and we support his tastes.

Another day I boiled too much chicken for the soup and started making other side dishes. I mean, I also prepared a pea dish with one of the chicken pieces. Another time I made rice dish with it.

The pea recipe is quite simple. Boil 1-2 potatoes, 1 carrot separately. I fry the onion in a pan. Add the peas from the metal box or iced pack over the fried onions and then added the cooked vegetables with some juice resulting from the boil. Then I wait for the juice to drop and during this time the potato will leave its juice and a delicious pea dish will come out. Add salt, pepper, paprika and a little tomato sauce. I added boiled meat to it next to these vegetables. In both cases, the child appreciated the dish very much and is a big fan of eating pea by pea.

One day while shopping I bought a basil plant, and since the pandemic, I bought another plant, so one day I found that I had two pots with a wealth of basil leaves on the balcony. I looked for the pesto sauce recipe and here’s what I did. Basil mixed with oil, pine bud seeds, some grated cheese, a few cloves of garlic and all this mixed well resulted in a wonderful pesto sauce for both baby pasta or normal pasta for us. The child appreciates pasta like most children his age, and garlic and onions are his favorites, so the combination with sauce is very good.

For desserts I started with things I knew how to do from the time I practiced cooking as a teenager. Then I became inventive and tested combinations based on inspiration. I started with walnut cookies according to the simple recipe: 2 eggs, 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of oil, 2 cups of flour and chopped walnuts. Mix the ingredients gradually, except for the walnuts. Mix them until it becomes a smooth mixture. Grease a pan with oil and then add a slight layer of flour. The mixture is then placed teaspoon by teaspoon in the tray leaving enough distance between the future cookies to expand. Sprinkle chopped walnuts over each cookie. Put in the preheated oven and leave for about 20-30 minutes at medium temperature. Testing if they are ready is done with the toothpick these days. When I was little, classic straw broom yarns were used. Times change habits. Whatever the cooking methods, the child really appreciated these cookies.

I also tried some pie sheets from Linco, some cream leaves from Boromir and some Snow White sheets from Dr. Oetker. And they all came out in wonderful cakes with apples, lemon, vanilla. I’m a big fan of homemade sweets. And because there are aids on the market, I really think that everything has become much easier.

Because everyone made bread, and I’m not a big friend of patience, I decided I wouldn’t try to do that. But one day I found the Naan bread recipe and that’s how I ticked an older desire to try certain dishes from other continents. The culmination is that the first time I tried to make it, it came out very tasty.

For someone who has never cooked, I felt extremely good to see the child eat my cooks. My husband also appreciated the dishes, so as I said above I aligned the world with my cooking.

During this period, when I cooked and did things for the family, I rediscovered myself as I used to know myself: full of energy, eager to do things as good as possible and loving jugglers with several tasks at once.

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