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The Voice Of Vama Buzaului

We set off without a plan for what exactly we want to see. We always do that. I mean we have the child and he makes our schedule. We have a few places we have in mind, but it always happens that we discover new places. Whether we see signs on the road or we seek inspiration online, we love the adventure of seek. Vama Buzaului was also a place discovered on a rather unfriendly weekend a few years ago. This year we went twice and here is what we liked about Vama Buzaului. I was the only one excited about bison, deer and reindeer from the Bison Valley. He, my partner, was not extremely happy. He’s not easy to impress indeed.

This year I escaped with the little one in nature in the middle of the holiday season. And I rediscovered this area in Vama Buzaului commune because Prejmer had not tired the little one too much. I was also impressed by the vast meadows, the tranquility of nature, the beauty of the green hills and especially the river Buzau. The child appreciated that he walked a lot, that everything seemed flat, that he saw pebbles, bigger stones, running water and lots of green grass.

Vama Buzaului is on the border between Transylvania and Moldova. Maybe many will think that it belongs to Buzau county, but it is actually a commune geographically located in Brasov county. And here, with European funds, they created a reservation for bison. On the wide pastures there are some mature and young specimens of bison. They are docile animals because they do not attack visitors. They are even withdrawn and hard to impress. Next to them are a family of deer: the deer Petrica and a nice wifey he has. And for a bit of winter feel, you will find a family of reindeer here.

Because I was impressed in the summer time, I also chose a rainy weekend to come here. We are always looking for secluded areas with a silence of the mountain, with a murmur of water, with a good wind that makes the leaves dance and where the child can feel at ease. And because we kind of exhausted the Brasov area and Prahova Valley, we decided to go a little further to Vama Buzaului.

We used Google Maps and TripAdvisor for little tips. However, the starting point was the Bison Valley. And in sunny or rainy weather the path surrounding the enclosure of the great animals is guarded by some tall evergreens, so we had shade in the summer and it didn’t rain too much over us on the rainy weekend. Our walk was accompanied by the deer Petrica on the last visit. It was a fearful specimen judging by the trembling of the curious nose, but still eager to see what we do. And he followed us, keeping a close eye on us. He had some string wrapped around his horns and he wanted to show us how strong he is. He took a large dry trunk in his horns and lifted it. Well done, boy! We noticed that it was limping and it was explained to us that it was in the mating season and that is why the male wants to compete with anyone. How ambitious! I left him and went out to admire the reindeer family. Hey, what a dwarf this gentleman from Lapland is! And yet he also wanted to impress us. Or at least me. Maybe I was easily impressed and the little animal withdrew quickly. He went to his partner and probably tried to make sure the baby was safe. We couldn’t see the baby because the protective parents were keeping him in the shed. But the head of the family rushed towards me as I was trying to photograph him, and his approach became intimidating. He kind of scared me when he stuck his horns in the fence. Hey, did he feel threatened by me?

At the end of the bison fence, if you follow the path, you will find a swing and a rest area. And beyond the natural fence, the Buzau river passes unhindered. And there I felt the river was ours on the warm days of August. The most beautiful and wild landscape! I felt that stillness of the water flowing whatever came in her way, anyone who cared to join on the way. And the path invites you to walk with your feet in the clear water of the river. I refrained because the little one is more fearless than me and would have wanted an even bigger adventure. I just let him put his foot in the water and wash his hands.

And the lady at the ticket office guided us to go and see the Urlatoarea waterfall because she had recognised us that we had returned to the Bison Valley. And I didn’t regret it. I found here an easily accessible landscape, with a mountain path that leads to a waterfall that intersects and forms an interesting platform on the mountain slope. The child was very happy to see such mountain streams, such tall evergreens and to be able to walk alone. He asked to jump on our backs from time to time, but he was impressed to walk alone. He was amused to see me running to catch up with him after I wasted my time taking some pictures.

And after so much walking we stopped to eat at Casa Bradet. It is a location where you can also spend the night, where you can eat, where you can pay by card and where you can let the child wander around. Here you will also find the swimming pool that you can enjoy on a summer vacation with the beautiful landscape.

These are just a few ideas to try from what we liked at Vama Buzaului, but we intend to come back and see what is with Valley21, Vama 54, Pastel Chalet or other points of tourist interest – horseback riding and trout. Vama Buzaului is a land full of meadows, different forests, alpine hives, sheep and cows that graze in peace. It is a quiet land where I highly recommend going with your child just romantic for a weekend or even a week.

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