Uneori copiii mici fac febra…

Momentele de febra ale copilului vin si trec. Este important sa nu dureze zile la rand. Asta e prima lectie ce trebuie invatata. Copilul meu a avut putina febra cand a facut unul dintre primele vaccinuri. A fost totul sub control intrucat ne fusesera prezentate efectele de catre doctor si aveam si solutii pentru reducerea rapida a febrei.

Si am luat si decizia de a dormi cu el in aceeasi camera in acea noapte. Era foarte mic si ne-am simtit noi mai bine. Si oricum febra nu a durat zilele urmatoare. Efectul vaccinului nu a fost foarte dur. A fost totusi una din putinele nopti in care fiul nostru a dormit toata noaptea.

Am fost totusi destul de norocosi ca pana la un an el nu a luat nicio raceala. Apoi intr-o zi i-a curs nasul si a facut un pic de febra pe seara. Cred ca acesta este primul moment cand parintii intra in panica, cel putin pentru noi asa a fost.

Fiul meu nu a facut niciodata febra mai mare de 38 de grade Celsius. Totusi de data asta m-am panicat. Am incercat sa nu, dar cand nu stii de unde ii continua febra, nu stii ce sa faci. Problema e ca nu stii daca ceva e in neregula sau nu cu acesti micuti.

Am fost fericita ca fiul meu are mereu o stare buna chiar si cand e bolnavior. Este cu toane doar cand ii curge nasul si simte ca nu poate respira. I-a luat ceva sa invete sa respire pe gura. E amuzant cum se uita neajutorati la tine si trebuie sa le explici fara cuvinte ce trebuie sa faca.

Sunt destul de sigura ca ei copiaza ce simt ca faci tu bun. In prezent exerseaza cum sa isi sufle nasul. Nu a reusit inca, dar inca exerseaza. Asa ca dupa ce a invatat sa respire pe gura, a avut inca un episod de raceala cu febra si nas curgand.

De data asta a fost un episod mai lung intrucat doua saptamani ne-am luptat cu tot felul de medicamente sa oprim nasul din a curge, apoi sa combatem tusea si din cand in cand facea si putina febra. Am schimbat antibioticul si aceasta a disparut, deci medicamentul a functionat. Intre timp i-au erupt si caninii deci probabil ca era dublul deranjul pentru micut.

Intr-o dimineata, cand s-a trezit cu nasul curgand, cum l-am luat din patutul lui si-a pus capul pe pieptul meu si a adormit acolo. Am considerat acela ca fiind cel mai emotionant moment pentru mine. Nu am simtit niciodata nevoia sa plang de fericire ca atunci. Si sunt o persoana destul de greu de impresionat. Uneori febra incalzeste si cele mai reci inimi.

Sometimes Babies Have Fever

Baby’s feverish moments come and go. It’s important that they don’t last for several days. First lesson you need to learn. My baby had slight fever when having one of his first vaccines. It was all under control as it was all presented in advance by the doctor and also we had solutions to quickly reduce it.

And we took an additional measure to sleep with him in the same room that night. He was very young and it felt actually very safe for all of us. And the fever didn’t last in the following days anyway. The effect of the vaccine was not very harsh. It was however one of the few nights our son slept throughout the night. 

We were kind of lucky as he didn’t catch any cold before being one year old. But then one day he got some running nose and a bit of fever in the evening. I guess that is when parents really panic, or at least this was the case for us.

My son was never more than a little over 38 degrees Celsius. However I did panic this time. I tried not to, but when you don’t know why the fever keeps on, you don’t know what to do. The problem is you don’t know if something is wrong or not with these little fellows.

I am happy that my son has always had a very positive vibe even when being sick. He is moody only when his nose is obstructed and he feels he cannot breathe. It took him a little while to learn to breathe through his mouth. It’s funny how they look at you helpless and you have to explain to them without words what they have to do.

I am pretty sure they copy what they feel you do right. Currently he is practicing to blow his nose. No success yet, but he is still practicing. So, after he learned how to breathe through his mouth, he had another episode of cold with fever and runny nose. This time it was a longer one as for two weeks we have struggled with all sorts of medication to stop the nose, then to combat the cough and from time to time he would be slightly feverish. We changed the antibiotic and it worked out he was getting better. In the mean time his canine teeth also erupted so maybe it was double trouble for the little guy.

One morning when he woke up with his nose running, and as I picked him up from his bed he just laid his head on my chest and would sleep there. He never did that even when he was a really small baby. He is a very independent little boy. And yet fever made him put his head on my chest and just fell asleep there. I thought then this was my most emotional moment ever. I have never felt like crying of happiness till that moment. And I am not a very easy to impress human being. So, sometimes fever gets even the coldest hearts.

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