Vaccinurile copilului

Sunt cel mai mare fan al evitarii medicamentelor si incercarii consumului remediilor naturale pe cat posibil. Totusi, cand vine vorba de copilul meu, am luat decizia sa ii fac toate vaccinurile necesare pentru sanatatea lui. Cred ca trebuie sa intelegem ca evolutia medicinei si a stiintei ne-a ajutat sa ajungem unde suntem azi ca populatie masiva. Si asta este un motiv foarte puternic sa acceptam ca avem nevoie sa ne vaccinam copiii. Si mai cred ca ideea existentei unei paturi privilegiate de indivizi nu are o rata de supravietuire pe termen lung.

Asa ca vreau ca si copilul meu sa se integreze in randul maselor si sa se adapteze la germenii din jurul nostru. Societatiile cu indivizii cei mai rezistenti sunt cele numeroase. De aceea vaccinurile oferite de stat sunt foarte bune si pentru fundul regal al bebelusului meu. Stiu ca exista o teorie a conspiratiei si e demonstrat ca in functie de specificul unei tari/teritoriu sunt folosite cantitati diferite de substanta.

Aminteste-ti ca iei o decizie pentru el

Tineti minte ca diferenta de substanta este calculata si in functie de rezistenta natiei la microbi. Oare vreunul din adeptii teoriei conspiratiei s-a gandit la asta? Cred ca indiferent cat de mari sunt companiile farmaceutice si cat de multe procese pierdute pot plati, nu se pot juca cu sanatatea globala.

Mai stiu si ca din nefericire concetatenii mei au o mare problema cu pastilele. Iau cate o pastila pentru orice durere minora. Suntem cel mai bun public pentru companiile farmaceutice. Corpurile noastre si mecanismul nostru de protectie se lenevesc tocmai din lipsa noastra de cunoastere. De cand am ramasa insarcinata am racit de trei ori si a trebuit sa lupt singura cu virusul. Nu poti lua pastile cand esti insarcinata. A functionat perfect si copilul meu nu a avut niciun efect secundar.

De cand s-a nascut copilul meu nu a luat medicamente decat atunci cand era in pericol. Ca sa fiu sincera am un copil foarte sanatos si sunt cumva norocoasa. A avut mici raceli si un enterovirus. Toate au trecut foarte repede. Si nici nu am fost vreodata internati cum starea lui era foarte buna de fiecare data. Este totusi alergic la ceva, dar dupa cateva incercari sa aflam la ce, am decis sa incercam putin cu putin. Daca ceva nu functioneaza azi, vom incerca sa evitam o perioada. Nu poti trai inchis in casa si aerul este poluat si mancarea pe care o mancam este cumva contaminata. Trebuie sa ii invatam sa se adapteze la toate astea. Si sunt sigura ca pe masura ce cresc corpurile lor mici se vor adapta.

Kid’s Vaccines

I am the biggest fan of not taking pills and trying natural remedies as much as possible. Still when it comes to my small baby, I took the decision to make all necessary vaccines for his health. I think we need to understand that evolution of medicine and science has helped us make it today into such a large population. And this is a very strong reason to accept we need to vaccinate our kids. I also believe the idea of being privileged doesn’t have such a high rate of success on the long run. So my baby should integrate in the masses and adjust to the germs around us.

The societies with most resilient individuals are the numerous ones. Therefore the state vaccines are very good for my pampered baby’s ass. I know there is a conspiracy theory and based on the specifics of each country/territory a demonstrated difference in substance percentage.

Keep in mind that the difference of substance is also adapted to the nation’s resilience to microbes. Have any of the conspiracy theory adapts thought about that?

I believe no matter how big the drug companies are and how much they can pay off trials, they cannot play with worldwide health. I am also very aware that my fellow citizens have a big problem with pills. They take a pill for any simple pain. We are the best public for the drug companies. We love visiting the pharmacy and buying pills. This doesn’t help our bodies fight diseases. Or bodies and fighting mechanisms are getting lazy especially because of our lack of knowledge.

Remember you are making the choice for him

I believe no matter how big the drug companies are and how much they can pay off Since getting pregnant I caught a cold three times and I had to fight the virus on my own. You cannot take pills while being pregnant. It worked perfectly and my baby had no side effects. Since being born my baby had very little medication and only when he was in danger. To be honest I have a very healthy kid and I was lucky. He had minor colds and some enterovirus. All went off very fast. And we weren’t even admitted into hospital as his condition was very good every time. He is however allergic to something, but after trying to find out what, we gave up and decided we will just try bit by bit everything. If something doesn’t work today, we will try to avoid it for a while. You can’t live in a sealed house and the air is polluted and the food we eat has some sort of contamination. We have to teach them to adapt to all that. And I am sure as they grow their little bodies will adjust. 

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