Draga Calvin, draga Coco

Ce faceti cu Coco zilele astea? Intreb pentru al meu Calvin a revenit in sacosa lui frumoasa si va ramane acolo pana la eliberare. Dar o sa ii treaca vremea. As vrea sa stiu ce fac si altii in perioada asta cu hainele lor de brand? Eu mai folosesc doar pijamalele si treningurile in care ma simt foarte bine. De fapt daca stau sa ma gandesc in ultima vreme erau mereu la moda pantalonii sport (cu banda / vipusca pe lateral) si pantofi cu toc. A, imi placeau si niste tenisi Alexander McQueen foarte la moda, foarte frecventi, foarte ieftini in perioada asta dar totusi inutili daca ma gandesc la cei 15-20m lungime pe care ii fac eu zilnic.

Totusi mi-a placut sa fac asta uneori. De fapt, ca sa fiu sincera, am gresit in tinerete si apoi am invatat ca banii pusi deoparte sunt mai importanti decat “statutul social”. Si nu am gresit caci in fiecare criza am avut siguranta unei zile de maine. Nu pot spune ca nu ador produsele Chanel, dar mi-am revizuit cumva forma fizica si am concluzionat ca nu arat asa de inalta sau de slaba ca un manechin, deci clar nu imi place sa fiu “aia mica si grasuta care poarta branduri”. Si totusi am cateva lucruri achizitionate sau primite. Le-am concediat in perioada asta si ma gandesc cand or sa mai iasa din dulap sau daca o sa mai simt nevoia sa le scot din dulap. Kenzo ramane un brand de suflet orice s-ar intampla. E tanar, creativ, accesibil si te scoate din multime prin culori sau design.

Si in titlu am numit doar doua nume. Mai sunt multi la fel. Apreciez ca unii au ajutat populatia, statele sau armatele in timpul crizelor sau razboaielor mondiale. In zilele noastre ele sunt doar consumerism in masa sau de lux. Suntem atat de fericiti ca putem avea unele din aceste branduri. Oare ce ne lipseste cu adevarat de ne bucura o haina sau o geanta? Stiti cat de important este timpul asta pe care il petrecem acasa? Cat de mult vezi din dezvoltarea copilului tau? Cat de mult construiesti din relatia cu partenerul?

Personal cred ca ne face bine sa renuntam la aceste nume si sa ne regasim pe noi. E doar o parere. Si o sa o sustin si in vremuri mai bune. Am sustinut si in trecut aceasta filozofie. Cumva planeta isi pierduse un echilibru din vina acestor aspiratii. Si copiii nu mai intelegeau ce inseamna o valoare. Totul devenise o falsa “Giocconda”. Si aceasta a devenit un tablou intr-un muzeu unde se inghesuie lumea la coada sa o vada, dar toata lumea cumpara cani, batiste, pahare, servete sau alte bazaconii cu ea. Si reprezentarea este una chiar hidoasa pentru o femeie. Sincer vorbind estetic nu ma impresioneaza. Sunt atatea femei frumoase pictate incat aceasta Mona Lisa nu inseamna mai nimic. Am trecut in 2 secunde pe langa ea si nu am pierdut nimic. Are o privire ciudata, o pozitie plictisita si niste semne grave de lipsa de activitate fizica. Asa ceva nu vreau in viata mea.

Sunt o persoana normala care nu vrea sa arunce banii pe fereastra pe lucruri inutile sau care imi hranesc doar ego-ul. Sunt prea zgarcita, desi unii ar spune-o frumos, cumpatata, ca sa arunc atatia bani pe niste branduri. Lucrate manual, adevarat, dar totusi prioritatile mele au fost mereu sa imi pastrez un statut cat de cat normal. Imi doresc sa transmit aceasta normalitate si copilului meu.

Si acum cineva se poate intreba ce naiba vreau au daca doamna fit si slim este neinteresanta pentru mine sau daca doamna durdulie si nesportiva este hidoasa. Imi doresc oameni normali cu riduri si trasaturi normale, cu povesti in ochii lor. Asta inseamna viata. Asta inseamna sa traiesti si sa iubesti.

Este important ca sa avem in viata tot ce ne dorim, dar sa pastram si ceva ce ne dorim in ascuns si pentru care luptam. Altfel ne vom pierde dorinta de viata. Eu am inca o lista lunga de lucruri pe care vreau sa le fac, iar ce imi doresc este sa incep sa le fac cu fiul meu. Atunci voi stii ca suntem o echipa si ca invat odata cu el despre noi provocari. Traim impreuna.

Dear Calvin, dear Coco

What do you do with Coco these days? I am asking for my Calvin which went back to its cover and will stay there till we will be free again. But it will probably be out of date. I wish to hear what others are doing with their designer clothes? I am using only my pyjamas and housewear which make me feel quite cosy. Actually as I come to think of it lately it was quite a fashion statement to wear sport trousers and high heels. I used to love some sneakers from Alexander McQueen which were quite frequent on the street these days, and they are becoming quite affordable these days, but still useless if I think of the “miles” made daily along the house.

I am a normal person who doesn’t want to throw money out the window on useless stuff or to feed my ego. I am too cheap, although some may mildly put it as, moderate, to give money to some brands. Handmade, true, but still my priorities have always been to keep a normal status. I wish to pass that normality on to my kid.

Still I enjoyed spending money on such sometimes. Actually, to be honest, I have made some mistakes in my young years and then I have learned the importance of saving money more than the “social status”. And I have not made a mistake as with every crises I had the security of tomorrow. I cannot say I don’t adore Chanel, but I have looked at myself in the mirror and concluded that I am not that tall and skinny as a model, so I would hate being called “the little chubby one wearing brands”. And still I have some purchased or received things. I have fired them during these days and I am thinking only that by the time they will be taken out of the close if I will still feel the need to get them out.

And I decided to mention only two names in the headline. There are many more. I appreciate some have helped the people, states or armies during crises or world wars. During our days they are just mass or luxury consumption brands. We are so happy we can have some of these brands. What is it that we are really missing that a coat or a bag makes us so happy? Do you know how important is this time we are spending indoors? How much you see of your child’s evolution? How much you are building the relationship with your better half?

Personally I believe it is good for us to let go of these brands and to find ourselves. It’s just an opinion and I will support it in better times also. I have also spoken about this in the past also. Somehow our planet had lost its balance because of these aspirations. And kids were not getting what value meant. It was all becoming this “Giocconda”. I mean a painting in a museum where people are crowding themselves to see in a line, but everyone buys mugs, handkerchiefs, glasses, napkins or any other nonsense objects with her face on. And the representation itself is of an ugly woman. Honestly speaking, esthetically the woman does not impress me. There are so many beautiful women painted that this Mona Lisa doesn’t really mean much. We went two seconds by it and didn’t feel like I needed more. It has a weird look, a bored body attitude and some very serious signs of lacking physical exercises. It has something I don’t need in my life.

And now someone can wonder what the hell am I happy with if the slim and fit lady is not interesting and the chubby lady is hideous. I wish to see normal people with wrinkles and normal features, with stories in their eyes. That means life. That means living and loving.

It is important to have in life all we wish for, but to keep also a hidden desire to keep fighting for. Otherwise we will lose the wish to live. I still have a long list of things I want to do, and what I can’t wait for is to start doing them with my son. Then I will know we are ready as a team and that I am ready to learn together with him about new challenges. We live together.

planet friendly

This is actually the only useful bags these days. And it all makes one wonder: what is it that we are using the bag for? We’ve got a phone for all our cards, no cash needed, same for IDs. So, what it is in the bag?

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