Vacanta mondiala de la inceput de primavara

Primavara a adus multa verdeata si flori dupa o perioada care nu a fost aproape deloc o iarna tipica. Si eu ador mirosul florilor, cadourile frumoase pe care le primim de la cei dragi si colegi sau simpli clienti si furnizori. Este ceva estetic ce aduce atata bucurie. Totusi 2020 este un an diferit: avem o intreaga lume oprita in loc din cauza unei boli. Ciudat e ca vine din China si ar trebui sa nu dureze prea mult. Dar totusi avem parte de o vacanta mondiala la inceput de primavara. Nu cred ca are sens sa ne luptam cu aceasta tendinta globala asa ca incercati sa va concentrati pe familie ca intr-o vacanta ciudata.

Mi-am petrecut foarte multi ani frustrata ca in timpurile cele mai dragute eu sunt la munca. Acum aflu cum e sa stau acasa cu copilul si sotul si sa vorbim si sa ne jucam. Sunt atatea activitati pe care putem sa le facem intrucat pare a fi o vacanta intarziata mult. Invat sa petrec timpul si sa folosesc tot ce avem in frigider si prin camara. Citim carti si ne jucam si timpul pare ca sta in loc. Este uimitor! Ar fi fost chiar mai bine daca am fi locuit la tara. Iarba e mereu mai verde in partea cealalta, stiu. Ne multumim totusi cu ce avem si suntem inventivi.

Aceasta experienta ne va schimba mult.

Facem cumparaturi in cantitati mari si incercam sa ne dam seama ce mai avem nevoie desi avem frigiderele pline. Cand majoritatea noastra va fi inchisa in casa si numarul de cazuri va continua sa creasca, va fi grav.

Zilele astea de lucru de acasa ar trebui sa regandim un pic la urmatoarele categorii:

  • Cei care lucreaza in strainatate pentru ca li se pare cool. Unchiu’ din America nu mai e la moda.
  • Aceia care accepta sa munceasca la negru. Actele te protejeaza in caz de spitalizare sau cand ai nevoie de somaj.
  • Aceia care gasesc mereu o portita semi-legala si cred ca pot scapa foarte usor. Data viitoare cand mai spui despre un astfel de om “lasa-l ca saracu’ are si el familie”, sa nu uiti ca tu ai o familie care poate fi in pericol din cauza unui infractor.

Sper ca aceasta vacanta mondiala de la inceput de primavara sa ne invete cateva lectii bune de viata.


Spring brought along a lot of greenery and flowers after a period which didn’t look like winter. And I love the smell of flowers, the beautiful gifts we receive from the loved ones and the colleagues or simple clients or suppliers. It’s a matter of esthetic that brings so much joy. However this 2020 is a very different one: we have a whole world stopped by this virus threat. We are trying to get over the spread of the disease. Funny enough it’s made in China so it should last very little. Yet we are all stuck in a world wide vacation at the beginning of spring. I don’t think it makes any sense fighting this global tendency so try to focus on family time and treat this as a strange vacation.

I have spent so many years frustrated that during most beautiful times I am working. Now I am learning about staying home with my baby and my husband and talking and playing. There are so many activities we can do that it actually just feels like an overdue vacation. I am learning to use all the stuff we have in our fridge or cupboards. We are reading books and playing games and time seems to stand still. It’s amazing! It would have been even better, if we were living in the countryside. The grass is always greener on the other side, I know. We are grateful for what we have and we try to make the best of it.

This experience will change us a lot.

We are all shopping for large quantities and trying to figure out what is it we could use with our cupboards full of food. It will be very serious business when although most of us are locked in, the cases keep increasing.

During these work from home days we should reconsider once again few categories:

  • Those who work abroad and prefer to do so as they feel cool. The Uncle from America is no longer hip.
  • Those who accept the unofficial work. Legal work help you in case of medical and social care.
  • Those who find a grey area and think they can get away with it. Next time you feel pity for such a poor guy who also has a family to feed, don’t forget you have also a family who might be in danger because of such a criminal.

I do hope this worldwide vacation at the beginning of the year will teach each of us something good.

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