weekend escape

Zile de weekend pentru tati

Weekend-urile sunt uneori zile de munca pentru mame care fac productie. De fapt reclamele prind viata cand noi ceilalti ne odihnim. Si emisia lor este tot cand noi ar trebui sa prindem niste timp de respiro. Respira toate produsele pe care le poti respira. Si cele cateva zile de weekend in care sunt libera ies cu fiul meu la o plimbare pe la centrul comercial din vecinatate. Ador locurile aglomerate, dar aici exisrta si relaxare intrucat au locuri de joaca. Si de curand am concluzionat ca sotul meu este un supererou. Sunt singura mama care incearca sa petreaca timp cu copilul la locul de joaca in weekend. Tatal lui este la cumparaturi in timpul in care noi sarim in trambulina, urcam si coboram dealul, verificam sediul de banca, banca noastra favorita si mergem cu pasii nostri mici in sus si in jos pe trotuarul frumos pavat. Sunt eu si vreo trei-patru tati acolo.

In timpul saptamanii proportia e diferita. Sunt eu si vreo cinci-sase mame care au iesit cu copiii. Deci pare ca sunt singura care il las pe sot sa aiba grija de lista de cumparaturi. Am incredere ca poate urmari lista de cumparaturi. Fiul meu are nevoie sa petreaca timp cu amandoi. Si eu ador sa ies in aer liber, in timp ce el adora sa se joace in casa cu masinute si puzzle-uri. De ce oare nu au femeile incredere in soti sa faca cumparaturile? Ma intreb. Mi-a luat si mie ceva sa inteleg ca trebuie sa pierd controlul si sa il rog sa ma ajute cu treburile casnice, dar acum stiu care sunt punctele slabe si cum sa le controlez. Avem o lista de cumparaturi cu bife si care are uneori si poze. Daca nu aveti acelasi tip de telefon, puteti incerca aplicatii care va ofera aceleasi optiuni. Si pentru noi ca familie este ceva senzational. Uneori sunt prinsa cu munca si ador sa stiu lucrurile rezolvate daca vin la 3 dimineata acasa. Deci daca eu nu apuc sa fac ceva, el poate. Este normal sa ne completam, nu e o competitie sau un drum plin de frustrari care nu ajuta pe nimeni. Ma gandesc la noi ca la o echipa si o familie. Si fie ca esti o mama care lucreaza sau o mama care sta acasa cu copilul, cred ca fiul meu are nevoie sa ma vada si altfel decat femeia care baga la spalat sau gateste, are nevoie sa ma vada ca il ajut sa devina un barbat. Si terenul de joaca este ceea ce il face un om mare in fiecare zi.

Weekends Are For Dads

Weekends are sometimes working days for mothers who work in tv production. Tv commercials come to life when the rest of us are resting. They also air when we are supposed to get some time to breathe. Breathe all the products you can. And the few weekend days I get off to be with my son I enjoy walking him to the commercial center in our vicinity. I love crowded noisy places, but these are also relaxing as they have playgrounds. Seems like my partner is a superman, realized recently. I am the only mom trying to spend time with her son on weekends on the playground. His father is going shopping while we have our jump on the trampoline, go up and down the sliding hill, check out the bank, our favourite one and walk our little feet up and down the paved sidewalk. It’s me and three or four dads over there. 

During the week the ratio is different. It’s me and five-six moms who are out with the kids. So, it seems like I am the only one allowing my husband to take care of the shopping list. I trust he can do the shopping following a list. My son needs to spend time with both of us. And I love staying out in the open air, while he loves playing with cars or puzzles indoors. Why is it that women don’t trust men to do the shopping? I wonder. It took me a while to understand I need to let go and ask him to do part of the household job, but now I know the flaws and how to control it. I have a shared check list shopping list sometimes even with photos. If you don’t have the same type of phones, you can try apps who give you similar options. And for us as a family it’s an amazing thing. I am sometimes caught up in work and I love to have things done even if I come home at 3AM. So, if I cannot make it, he can. It’s only fair to complete each other, rather than a competition or frustration which doesn’t help anyone. Just thinking of us as a team and a family. And working mom or stay home mom, I believe my son needs me not just as the person putting clothes into the washing machine or cooking, he needs to see me help him develop into a grown man. Playground is what makes him into a bigger man everyday. 

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